Weapons blocking.


I am not an expert in combat but i can sense when something is not fiting... so here is my question: to what degree can small weapon like daggers, 1h swords or such block hammers, poles and other kind of heavy and long weapons? Should small weapon users like stagger or get their guard bypassed when attacked by a 12kg hammer that deals probably 1 ton of pressure?


A skilled, agile fighter with a side sword could deflect a hard overhead or diagonal from a polehammer/poleaxe if they could sidestep and redirect the force of the blow. However, there's no chance in hell that a side sword could outright stop a polehammer/poleaxe. At best, the swordsman would be disarmed or staggered. At worst, the polehammer/poleaxe would ignore the swordsman's guard and hit them anyway.


I have wondered if they intend to change this, honestly. It's really easy to get past the guard of daggers and such anyway, but I'm still interested in whether or not BM have considered changing it.
That anything smaller than a long sword could out-right block an overhead pole-arm or hammer blow is dubious. Even a quarter staff coming down is still likely to plow through your guard and smack you in the head. Unless you charge into it and block closer to their grip/guard, it's not going to happen.

I hope this is improved.


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