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Hi I found the game from an old kickstarter video and I loved the look of it, I recently came back to find out you had a game released called Exanima. I bought it just now. What is the timeline on completion (if there is a publicly available ball park figure) of the Sui Generis project?
There is really no timeline on completion other than one of the devs mentioning that they are going to start making Sui Generis as soon as they finish up developing the essential gameplay features in Examina. I don't want to sound like I am impatient or pushy but we are actually waiting on an update that actually regards interaction with non-playable characters which is essential on it's own and it's exciting because there is no NPC you can encounter in the story mode, then a new level, that will actually be placed inbetween the ones that are already released but not completed. Even for that we don't have a due date, might bother some people here but I personally don't mind since I bought Examina like you did. I hope this briefly covers it up if not someone may come with a better reply and actually correct me if i'm wrong on any of this

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There aren't any timelines; the devs take as much time as needed to do things properly rather than remove features or release broken content in order to meet a deadline. Much of what they're working on is innovative and hasn't been done before which requires a significant amount of trial-and-error in order to discover viable solutions. Accurately predicting how long something will take isn't possible due to the nature of this process (it's unknown and takes as long as it takes). Bare Mettle also like to include new ideas and community feedback along the way in order to improve the overall gameplay experience.

As was mentioned above, the current focus is on finishing up Exanima and then focus will shift to Sui Generis. All work being done for Exanima is necessary for Sui Generis as well so they're essentially working on both games at the same time (progress on Exanima is also progress towards SG). Bare Mettle are designing the game mechanics to support content in SG as well as Exanima (a bit overkill for Exanima but this way they won't have to redo mechanics in the future).


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