What are you playing?


Holy fuck the release of Dark Souls 3 is destroying me. Played it non-stop all day. Its sooooo gooood!

Anyone else playing DS3?


Been playing a lot of Killer Instinct as usual, and quite a bit of Gears of War 4 beta. At this point pretty much done with The Division so not sure what I'll dive into next.


Hey guys, I have been reading this forum for over a year now and finally decided to join as a member.

I know this is mostly a space 4X forum but I am curious to know what are you guys playing right now?

Last game I played was Mass Effect 3 and I have yet to find a PC game that I like. I did play Anno2070 for a while but lost interest.

I am hoping that by learning what you guys are playing, we can help point out to each other great games to try. Please feel free to include any genres


I've recently revisited Undertale and found a new appreciation for it. Perhaps it was because I knew how it would play out, but I noticed myself trying to explore new aspects that I would normally forego. Like I didn't notice how characters have new dialogue if you backtrack throughout the game to see them again. Overall, I'm loving the game like I never have before. (Also apparently Napstablook didn't let his soul be consumed by Asriel in the pacifist route, making him just one soul short of equaling the power of a human. That means that Napstablook inadvertently saved the entire world by being a shut-in.)


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