What weapons would you like to see in the game?

We actually do have a single kind of flail available in both the Dungeon & Arena, which is super awesome & ridiculously fun to use (especially when dual wielding). However, I think Bare Mettle is going to add procedurally generated flails some time within the next few updates, since they addressed the idea in a recent coffee diary. The sun will shine on flail users soon enough!
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More variables on existing weapon, with more different looks, lenght and even slightly different "stats"... would give the game more immersions and a step up from most RPG where everyone and their brothers will have the same identical thingy just because its classified as "sword".


I'd like to see a wider variety of expert-level weaponry, maybe a super heavy eveningstar, larger spears and glaives with more weight behind them. More misc. objects that aren't necessarily weapons is always fun, I was thinking of rocks to bash people with, small stones could be held in one hand, larger ones in two hands. Feet are weapons, I think the addition of kicking would add a lot to the combat. Shoes/gloves could have weapon stats in addition to armor stats in order to determine the amount/type of damage. Finding some procedural gauntlets with spikes on the knuckles would be cool, or some tiger claw type weapons.


A guandao if possible. If you never seen one before, it's similar to a Billhook but has a longer blade, sometimes can be similar to Scimitars, and other times similar to a Wakizashi. Wielded with 2 hands.
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