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A expanded arena mode would be great as a feature in Sui Generis, hope you guys keep working on the open world awesome RPG we are really here for!


Short answer is that virtually nothing we do for Exanima isn't also useful for SG, and we go well out of our way to do things in ways that support what we need for SG rather than just what's good enough for Exanima. We are building Exanima as SG.

A recent example of this is how we have a shop in the new arena where you can buy weapons and armour. To do this we finalised the system behind trade and industry in SG so that the shop can dynamically determine what it should stock from any object that exists within the world based on target market, availability and numerous other factors. Obviously this includes shops that sell completely different things (that may not be of particular interest tothe player) or a craftsman selling the goods they produce. We've even developed a very detailed system for how every item is produced or obtained, the skills and materials involved etc.
Oooooh that sounds freakin' awesome!


A beta test patch is nearly ready. I wouldn't be surprised to see a public patch before or close to Christmas. :) It depends mostly on how much Madoc decides to tweak things (he's trying to make all of the systems/mechanics future proof so they also work in SG).
That is very nice to know, will spend the rest of my break playing it.
I remember a great one-man-indie game had several mouse control possible, so you could fight your friends on the same PC.

This might be a way to play:

- People play arena against each other
- Each player has its own mouse, with different color combat cursor
- One has wasd, while other numpad control
- Lag is non existent
You still have to solve the camera control issue - which player controls it? What angle is best for Player 1 might not be good for Player 2.


Mr Madoc can I know what is planned dev ( Exanima add setting a timer mission ) ????

sorry for my bad english
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