Why so little communication?


Hello there,

First things first, I would like to thank the team for having developed such an addicting game as exanima.

I discovered it during the quarantine due to the pandemic and I fell in love with it immediately, after hours and hours of playing and talking about it to all my player friends I found myself at the end of it unfinished of 'exanima and it was terrible haha.

seriously take up the why this post.

I ask myself a serious question, why is there so little communication around this game? especially from the team itself ???

Thank you again for this game and all this fabulous work provided by the developers, i hope you will awnser to my question !

kiss from France !



Yo Dylan, there is a Blog section in the "Coffee Diary" thread of the forums. Also theyre pretty active on their Twitter. The team is called "Bare Mettle", google em man.


Thanks for your reply.
I already know about this but i wanted to say something like marketing communication.


I think they are clever with not hyping the game up through "marketing" because many people aren't able to understand that they are a small developer that creates all the assets, the whole gameengine, physicsengine on their own, which takes a huge amount of time and effort. This would lead into many disappointed or even angry "normal" people which would hurt the games reputation more than it does good.

And iirc i read that they are creating a game that is more of a passion project encapsulating their vision of a perfect RPG instead of using easy and established tactics in gamedev to earn a quick buck, which i appreciate alot.

But thats just my guess.


Hello, thank you for your reply,
i think you right and it's a good way to did it.
this game is really really good i can' wait for knews content !! ahah


There isn't a ton of public marketing for Exanima because it's not the full game. Exanima is a tech demo that's still in beta. Of course the BM team wants Exanima to do well, but they're focusing their time and energy on creating a product ready for market instead of trying to prepare the market for their game; they just aren't there yet.

Exanima serves as the tech demo/testing environment for the game mechanics they eventually want to implement into Sui Generis (the full game). I'm sure once they consider their engine mature and Exanima "complete" they'll dump some money into marketing to try to drum up sales on Exanima to help fund the creation of the story, map, and voice acting (if they plan on adding voice acting, I'm not certain) for Sui Generis. Things seem slow and communication feels light because it's a small team working on a large project, but given the product they've produced so far, I think the wait will be more than worth it


Exanima is far from a tech demo. A tech demo is literally just to show off tech; sometimes it's accompanied by 20 or so minutes of gameplay.

While Exanima does serve as the testing ground for Sui Generis, it is definitely a full (though uncompleted) game in its own right. As for the non-marketing communication, Madoc said he reads almost everything that's posted on the discord and he is active there constantly.


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