Will we ever have fancy titles?


In the forum I mean. Like for members who've been here for a long time or post a lot or get a lot of likes. I would like a fancy title.


If there could be a dedicated community manager in BM, I suppose it's not a bad idea to have forum a bit gamificated. Level, points, badges and stuff. But for now, all efforts and funds are into game development process and I'm happy with it though.


Ye put something like in COD master insider of the legendary insider master forums
You should be aware, that we already have Insider Sub-forum within Insider Forum. Could be that there is also Insider forum within insider forum that is inside the insider forum, but I don't have access to it...


There's some medieval hierarchy in these forums, with us dirty pleb members right above the slave guests.
Ahahaha slave guests :D

I wouldn't mind a title like "The Duke" It'd just make me happier, I like the Duke of Wellington that guy, Arthur Wellesley, coolest chap in the history of chaps.


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