@staf / MADOC or someone who 's aware :

Could it be possible to know your Work In Progress for SUI GENERIS, and the content for the next update for EXANIMA.

Also can we have an Idéa about the % of progress of SUI ( 20 / 50 / 90% ) ?

Your game is amazing, like you want. thanks a lot.


For Exanima content:



As for Sui Generis, something tells me that we won't get an answer about that for a while. I can tell you that progress on Exanima = Progres on Sui Generis, but a single percentage value wouldn't cut it. Many of the core mechanics are in place, but as for the state of everything else, it's anyone's guess. Definitely not going to hear anything about it before Exanima comes out, if you ask me.


Sui Generis is going to have far more complex systems, particularly for NPC behaviour and an open world, so it's likely going to be a very long time until then, as we're only just getting a friendly story companion who we can chat with in Exanima in the next update, which is yet to drop, though it should be sometime soon.

There are also hints about Thaumaturgy, particularly Mind, being included in the update. This'd be awesome if we got it all at once, but it's likely only going to be Mind, if at all. Still, having potential necromancy and associated abilities for use in the story mode will completely change how it works, even if it's all we get until the other forms are in a publicly playable state.
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