Worlds Adrift - Sandbox MMO with physics


Hello friends of physics and MEANING in games! I stumbled upon this in-development game called Worlds Adrift. Seems extremely cool to me. I think many here will appreciate it as well. You fly with airships across air-islands in a persistent world with everything physics-based! Check it out and sign up for the upcoming testing. :)



I'm gonna necro this thread because I want to know if this could help with the multiplayer of Exanima/Sui Generis.

So Worlds Adrift uses a whole new system that allows them to make a Sandbox MMO with physics. And they're a very small team compared to usual MMO teams. The system is called SpatialOS and is developed by Improbable.

"Online games typically use a client-server model—a single massive server receives inputs from the clients, updates the simulated world, and sends updates back to the clients. This imposes a hard limit on the richness of the world: limited hardware resources need to be split between every entity that needs to be simulated.

This necessarily leads to tradeoffs. For example, you can choose between realistic physics in a tiny map with a handful of players, or simplified physics in a big map with hundreds of players, but not both. And having millions of entities with complex behaviours is out of the question, resulting in the “theme park” feeling of many MMOs.

In summary, developers are forced to make creative tradeoffs, and compromise on their vision of the game’s design, for purely technical limitations. Clearly we need a different way to make games."


As a very big fan of the idea of the sandbox mmo/dynamic systems/persistent virtual world/physics I'm very excited for this tech and the future MMO's it will bring. But could this tech also help with Exanima?

We are all keen to know how Exanima's multiplayer will turn out. So far our expectations are low since it's said that multiplayer will only work on very low ping. I myself don't understand tech at all so could someone tell me if this tech could somehow help with the problem of multiplayer Exanima?

Maybe this tech works only on large-scale, low detail kind of simulation? Otherwise it would be so awesome if this could sort out Exanima's network problem, and then the ultimate game could be made: the Sui Generis Sandbox MMO!! ;)


I think Exanima is unique unto itself, the physics engine they are using is not the same as BM's physics engine.

BM's human model has ~120 virtual muscles and each one of them is adjusted 1600 times per second.


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