Wow, nice looking engine...


I am surprised and a bit impressed at how good this game is looking with just a single programmer involved. Kudos to you sir! I am considering buying the approx. $64 package for access to alpha testing but just have a couple of questions. First, has any date been set as to when alpha testing will begin? Secondly, in the final release version of the game, has any thought been put in to the idea of opening it up for modding? I can envision a lot of possibilities with this engine as far as mods are concerned, but barring that, would Bare Mettle be open to the idea of licensing the engine to other developers? I may be getting ahead of myself with the last question but it is food for thought for the developers.

I will tell my friends about this project and wish the developers all success with its release. Thanks...

Edit: Well, I just saw the thread that listed some confirmed features and two of my questions have been answered there. The last still stands however...


Project Lead
Hello and thanks for the kind words.

This was actually answered in our Kickstarter update #15 which is a transcript of an interview, just noticed this was never posted in our announcements forum so we're adding it now. Until the game is complete that is what we'll focus on but after that we will work on making everything more user friendly for modders and then developers for licensing purposes.

You can see the interview here.


Ah, thank you, I hadn't read that interview. Well, that answers my questions, I'm off to donate now. Thank you sir...


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