You know you played too much exanima when...

Pc Genie

You know you've played way too much Exanima when:

- You call people armed with knives in the arena "dagger bastards" because a main character died once.
- You made someone literally fly with a hit (such as with a maul).
- You are more than mere acquaintances with the Practice Arena opponents.
- You actually win a 'No Hitter' challenge.
- You know you can break a portcullis lock by leaning a chair on the door before it opens.
- That distinct blue glow under some small crates makes you feel like you found the Holy Grail.
- Your best friend thinks the game's really easy when trying it for the first time after watching you play.
- You're a member of the Spacebar Holders Club (that's what I call it, anyway).
- You know that Exanima is the real 'Darkest Dungeon'.
- You actually fill an evidence list of playing too much Exanima...


You start bying your duddes low quality armor because its getting old beating the crap out of other guys while wearing your Exceptional stuff.


When you consider breaking up your rickety wooden dining room chairs, instead of gluing them, so you could use debris to jam light switches.


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