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    Is it intended?

    Yes, the wood is painted green intentionally. I think it does look good and add colour to the scene. :)
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    Congratulations BM (GOG release)

    :) Even if you bought it on the website and you have 0.1 hours on record still mean that you at least got over the menuscreen... However I base my opinion on the fact that one says, hey just check out this negative review on steam and copy paste it in the review, then calls exanima a...
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    Congratulations BM (GOG release)

    It seems that on GOG you do not need you to buy the game to leave a review. Indeed none of the one star reviewers had ever played the game but still had something to say. It's just how the net works.. :)
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    I'm a SG backer but I can't get on the insider forum...

    Well clearly there is something wrong because the forum doesn't even recognize you as a supporter as it normally should. I sent you a private message to sort out your situation. :)
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    I'm a SG backer but I can't get on the insider forum...

    Even if you are a backer you can have access to the insider forums only if you have donated £20 + at the time of the kickstarter campaign. If that is the case than please contact us via email.
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    Exanima Lore Thread

    Well, not all Brits...:) I'm Hungarian...
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    What's Next?

    It will be a proper in game shop with a vendor where you can sell and buy weapons and armour.
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    Is it possible to get the Voulge in dugeon mode?

    Okay, this will stop now. My first reaction was to delete it as I did it before in a different instance, but i would really like to make a point : Personal offensive attacks on this forum are not tolerated. At all. If you have something to say about the topic is fine, anything else it will...
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    Put in a saving function ASAP

    Well it was mentioned on the Ks page...In the about the game section just below the second screenshot: "As you advance in Sui Generis you won't see creatures or characters in the world becoming more powerful with you. Rather, you will be able to face opponents and explore locations that...
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    Questions to the Baremettle people

    Still here! You'll see some of my work in the new video which should be up any moment now, particularly the second half. Hope you'll like it....:p
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    City Scale and the Role of Buildings

    We definitely want to make a big city. Considering our resources we don't know exactly how big it will be, but definitely we'd like it to be huge. :) That's why we are promising only one. You will be able to enter every building, and explore them as you please. For the time being we are...
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    World Traveling

    That sounds like a very unlikely quest scenario in this game.... :) And... if you try to cheat, the game will format your hard drive! :P
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    World Size

    Hey Hredthel, sorry for the late reply. Well, I don't like repetitions and seeing the same building over and over again either. We want every location to be unique and have it's own story. Obviously the style of the world has to be consistent so you will see buildings or little houses built in a...


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