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  1. Pancakez54

    Pancakez54 Insider

    Will the the characters in this game ever have finger animations :O? It just sticks out so much for me that they aren't actually holding the weapons :p
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  2. Huatim

    Huatim Insider

    GREAT AS ALWAYS!!!! :)
  3. nox

    nox Insider

    Lovely update! I'm so hyped! :D
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  4. Grimmel

    Grimmel Insider

    I'm getting a "You do not have permission to access the requested resource." message when I attempt to download the video. I can download the other videos just fine. Maybe too many download attempts going on right now? Looking forward to watching soon! Thanks for the update!
  5. BrecMadak

    BrecMadak Insider

    One of the better update I've ever witness for quite some time, got excited while reading each paragraph. And can't express how satisfactory reading lines particularly regarding AI improvement which is very important aspect for me. Hats off !

    The most rotten dead body could use some bones appearing out of the body. Now that would be finger-licking goodness.

    Wish we could be informed about ranged combat after beta combat video released :rolleyes:

    This also got my attention on ss' but they would have the time to fix that on later since its not a gamebreaking situation right now.
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  6. Shalani

    Shalani Insider

    I know I am asking for the moon here. The dead look great for a cool dry dungeon with rats look if you include skellies and partial skellies.
    But they need to be more bloaty for an outside environment. And crows!
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  7. lvk

    lvk Insider

    These updates are always so great. I love the persistent bodies, I was hoping so much for that to be in, but you went a step beyond and gave them purpose as well. Fantastic.
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  8. Fawz

    Fawz Insider

    Another fantastic meaty update, thanks for taking the time to share all this wonderful progress information.

    It sounds like you guys have made some very good breakthroughs into making the combat a more responsive and visually appealing aspect of the game. Even in the rough early state of the first combat alpha builds the game was loads of fun and offered something truly unique.

    Very excited to try the combat improvements firsthand with the upcoming releases. Keep up the fantastic work, and thanks for also releasing a new Dev Blog Video!
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  9. Psychomorph

    Psychomorph Insider

    Awesome update. Thank you very much.
  10. crashingtingler

    crashingtingler Insider

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  11. Firebat

    Firebat Insider

    i dont get it. where is the new video
  12. Tony

    Tony Moderator

    The same place as the previous dev videos. You must login to the account page located here.
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  13. Komuflage

    Komuflage Insider

    Old school minimap!:eek: *Violently shacking in excitement*

    "...dividing up the environment based on doorways and only allowing you to see the room you're currently in or any room that you're on the threshold of. The rooms fade in in such a way that as you move around you barely even notice it happening, the visual impact of the environment and exploration are much more immersive."
    Does this mean that rooms I've been in, will disappear after a certain point?
    If so then that sounds awesome as it'll be possible to get lost, since you'll forget which rooms you've been in, and which you haven't
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  14. Tom

    Tom Insider

    Thank you for the update! It's definitely better to bunch up all the smaller things into one big update, like you're doing.

    My only concern here is the combat. Ever since the beginning of the creation process, you devs have told us that the combat was great (and it was!). But then once the combat alpha came out, there were several tweaks to be made, some pretty major (like more controlled movement).

    And now there's been even more tweaks done to combat, giving me the odd feeling that the thing will never be truly done.

    Don't get me wrong, it's a good thing that you're improving it. It's just I feel weird reading that it will actually improve, since it was something that we understood to be ready for a while.
  15. Komuflage

    Komuflage Insider

    Isn't the point of an Alpha that's it's not done and we're suppose to help improve it?
    I mean if the combat would have been done by the start of Combat Alpha, then the Alpha would have not been needed.
  16. lvk

    lvk Insider

    Just a heads up, that's their in-house tool for creating the underworld more effectively. I don't think an old-school minimap fits with the type of game they're going for.

    The rooms disappearing is more of a line-of-sight thing, so you can't see enemies through walls. This does indeed mean you'll have to remember where you've been.
  17. Crayfish

    Crayfish Insider

    The one thing that struck me most from the development video is that now the game has amazing fire physics it is crying out for the ability to set random objects (including corpses) on fire. Having fire that could spread to objects that it touches would add some very interesting gameplay potential.

    The new combat mechanics look perfect, measured and fast enough to remove all the "drunk" look that's been criticised, yet appears to keep all the skill and physical components intact.
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  18. turtleman155

    turtleman155 Insider

    cant wait to try out the new combat :D also about lighting corpses on fire i now want to raise some zombies and light them on fire then send them charging into a village to do my dirty work for me :D
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  19. Empire²

    Empire² Insider

    I was going to write some constructive criticism on the changes showcased in the new video, but ended up too giddy to think of anything remotely useful. The changes to combat animations are amazing, the random generation of item wear & tear opens up a bunch of new aspects for player-centred storytelling and the dungeon creation reminds me of something along the lines of Dungeonkeeper.

    However, these changes and additions have raised tons of questions for me. For both my sake and your sanity, I'll keep it short:
    1. Will there be a way for players to use the level creation tool to create their own levels (I.e. Making a D&D adventure), and are we able to in some way create a narration to go along with said level?

    2. Is the armour/clothing customisation available in the game through e.g. a tailor, armourer, etc.?

    3. What do you envision the storytelling will be like? Will there be Bastion/Call Of Juarez-like narrative voice-overs, or will the story be conveyed in a subtler way, like notes, books and visual cues?

    Besides that, all I can say is that it's incredibly satisfying to watch something you've committed and contributed your money to evolve as much as it has within a relatively short amount of time, and that this makes me even more excited for what the future has to offer!
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  20. Tony

    Tony Moderator

    Lighting a zombie on fire might not be the best idea if your goal is to become a necromancer. They said raised dead will only be available if you find an actual corpse to raise. People do not respawn so corpses will be limited in number. Setting your zombies on fire basically means you're destroying something which is already limited in supply. ;)
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