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    Для тех кто не знает ИнЯз

    russians are so based
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    Is that a no
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    hey I want to install beta so I want to ask is insider only? If not where can I download it? thanks
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    GURPS Fallout: Arizona (0/4 players)

    tfw want to join but too shy for microphone
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    Anyone Else Having a Problem with the Term "VR?"

    Couldn't care less to be honest.
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    Whats you favorite weapon by tier?

    Inept - Iron Shod Quarterstaff Aspirant - Bill Novice - Bill Adept - Maul Expert - Poleaxe Master - Poleaxe
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    What are you playing?

    Starcraft 2
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    Sad update...

    Calm down, you're making a scene.
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    Sad update...

    Are you triggered? Don't worry I still think you're an epic hardcore gamer.
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    Gap closing in team fights

    I like the new match types in arena a lot, but one thing bothers me. When it's just me and a teammate fighting their last warrior, and he is focused on my ally, I feel like I should be able to just run up to him and smack him. But I have to clumsily chase him around and maybe get a hit depending...
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    Profile pictures Thread

    I played that game... this seemed like a nice portrait
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    Arena Stock Turnover

    Wow how much did you play.... I can barely get 1 suit of plate the farming is so tedious lol
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    Game modes ideas.

    It's like an easier naked arena


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