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    I want to play as an ogre.

    Thaumaturgy to mind control beasts?
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    I want to play as an ogre.

    Ya hafta specify what ogre you mean there lad!
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    Most frustrating experience I've ever had in 20 years of gaming lol

    One way to improve the difficulty of beast fights would be to add damage upon bodies impacting a surface. The beast flings you around a lot, but does it ever do any damage? Not really. It's slightly underwhelming to see the beast tap you on the body with his stick and yet do a great deal of...
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    What an absolute surprise! I had come back to Exanima after a long break about two weeks ago, just to be greeted with a new update. Perfect timing!
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    Press TAB multiple times for different combat stances

    I like the idea of using tab for modes, but I disagree on the idea of "defensive or offensive stances." In my mind, I'd like the tab to be for alternate weapon modes. For example, if using a poleaxe, one could switch between the ax head and hammer end to maximize damage efficiency against...
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    Character Turn Speed Sensitivity Slider

    I'm a little late to the party for this one. I haven't played Exanima in a while. Within the last few patches, the swing cap was unlocked a little further, allowing for much wider swings than before. This is a good change considering it allows a greater range of motion for all weapons. However...
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    New AI

    I thought the fleeing zombies were great. I've already had some fun scenarios with them. A zombie I was fighting started running away after a nasty hit. I chased him, but he suddenly turned around and whacked me in the head with a candlestick, knocking me over. Instead of hitting me while I was...
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    so the... Troll

    The unusual axe polearm you acquire from the brass plated skeletons makes quick work of Sir. Wear light clothing, backpedal, and overhead. The polearm's reach will keep you safe.
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    Hope that's not a joke. If what you say is true, the release is looking to be very close, for real this time.
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    Real life whip-swords

    That would be incredibly tiring to keep spinning around for prolonged amounts of time, and would require a lot of space as not to hit your friends. Also, anyone wearing plate armor could fully negate the effets of this weapon and lunge forward free of fear.
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    Madoc gets on, everyone is hyped ...aaaaand he's gone trolled
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    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    Only the Reality Bending Bag can take up the entire space of the Void.
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    guyz pls

    Do you know how many hundreds of times the Earth was supposed to be destroyed in the past two-thousand years? Date guessing is pointless. Things will happen when they happen always. Waiting at the edge of your seat causes too much heartache for what it's worth. I'd be happy if the update came on...
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    guyz pls

    For weeks had I waited, Release schedule debated Till alas, when no attention was payed The update arrived upon an unsuspecting day I questioned my fate, for how could it be late If not before knowing the given date?
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    Bare Mettle has needed to delay their release to coincide with the next lunar eclipse so that the magic of their blood sacrifice ritual will be strong enough to convince the planet Saturn to bestow upon them superior occult powers. That is the real reason. You did not hear this from me. I am not...


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