1. Sir NotABot

    Gear Prices Are Wacky

    The difference between Heavy/Exceptional Plate Vambraces is ~6 Gold! But the only difference in performance is 1/2 a point of pierce... well, and 1/2 a point of coverage, but I couldn't see any difference. That seems off.
  2. Peasant135

    Gear quality dilemma.

    Immagine, what if this game had only regular quality armor. You just fill the slots with rank appropriate pieces and go to battle. Simple but not very interesting. Lets try expanding on this: lets add heavy and light sub-classes of items. Now you can choose the point of balance between...
  3. Peasant135

    Arena: Tiers and Points

    First things first: while I'm not new to Exanima story mode(finished the game over 10 times) I'm still making my way in the arena mode towards Master rank, so if I'm talking bullshit, please be gentle. :) My feelings about the way equipment balancing is handled: while the points system is...


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