1. M.I.M

    I surprised this update on generating dynamic weapons system.

    You can see the weapons is slightly different with other ones so its so unique each. It seems that there are almost infinite shapes. I don't think I've ever seen such a system in any other game! Dev guys are allways surprise me thank you for good work!
  2. Eralen

    Simple combat tweaks

    So I realize there is absolutely no shortage of suggestions in the forums, but I just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in. First off I want to say what an awesome and unique game Exanima is, (and Sui Generis hopefully will be). I've logged about 100 hours into Exanima (mostly in Arena mode). I feel...
  3. Peasant135

    Weapon's "weight" stat.

    Edit: It seems that I was mistaken. The developers themselves confirmed it: The post below is no longer relevant if not for historical purposes. If you see anybody having false info about weapon's weight and balance pls direct them to this thread. I did it. Now I know what this is all about...
  4. crashingtingler

    Poll: Are shields wielded by hostile NPCs too effective?

    NPCs with shields can be very hard to defeat. often they feel too hard. shields can block such a wide area so reliably that in rare cases they seem untouchable. there is also no hard counter to fighting shields. some techniques work against some shields but not against others. damaging an...


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