About to do a big mistake, buying new gaming computer :D


the only reason i would get that one from ple is because the shipping on a pc case is pretty ridiculous and i have a ple store about 2 km from my house so its just more convenient but ill give the case you suggested some consideration and again thanks brendan for the help :D
by the way does that case have room for an optical disc drive?

Edit: just checked the shipping cost its $73 aud holy shit.
Fair enough, yeah just get whatever works for you to be honest, cases are really subjective so I never like recommending them anyway, just couldn't resist there lol :)

That one I suggested doesn't have any 5.25" bays so yeah, you would need some kind of special slim slot loading optical drive shenanigans, I actually like that that as I think optical drives are worthless relics that cheapen modern PC's, but that's just one of the many reasons that cases are more subjective than the rest :p


I'm am actually thinking about getting an NZXT H440 as it is an almost silent case with great cooling it comes with four fans and I have two nzxt fans I can chuck in there as well :D


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