And i didnt want to hire one of these guys...


It's funny untill Senpai-Badass Sama-Samarai will cut you open like a bottle.

Btw, I rly like his natural exceptional plate armor.

Pc Genie

We didn't really see full slow motion or actual close up aftermath.

It shows the weapon quality but not really the user's skill unless they try special techniques like a cut from the scabbard (well done to the XXXL man), winding mezani cut or even a back edge cut. I'm also impressed with multiple cuts at once on the same target.

I do agree with Midcal however, as I remember first starting out at my Historical European Martial Arts club and being utterly rubbish at fighting, yet cutting defenceless bottles with ease.

Funnily enough (I know I know, everything for me equals a relevant YouTube video) I had that experience caught on tape where I the newbie at the time cut bottles well enough:


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