Any news when the next update will drop?


[...] We've been working on various very big features including a terrain system, thaumaturgy, dialogue, cloth physics, a proper help / tutorial system and generally bringing various features to completion, as well as making new content.

It's hard to keep releasing new story content without a lot of these features being fairly complete, as we want to take advantage of them in both upcoming content and also in revising old content. There's certainly been a tonne of work done on the game in general, we should be able to release at least some update fairly soon, in general we're heading towards actually completing the game.

9 Dec,
[...] The main reason the next update is taking a while is because we're doing a major overhaul to environment composition features, which will allow for a lot more varied and interesting visual content.

26 Nov,
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I am still sure that a more feedback on official website and steam will make backers more happy. Maybe that make someone buy exanima too meanwhile they are waiting for sui generis. News read only in community forums are not that comforting to me. I am just happy they are still working on their games.


We're still at a stage where it's hard to say with any precision how long things will take. We have many things well underway, but few that are truly complete. Story wise we're at a point where we can't release much content until the game is very nearly feature complete. Some yet unreleased features have a huge impact on the game.

Currently it looks like the next update will introduce outdoor arenas, a number of general refinements and items. Outdoor arenas share the same basic functionality as the upcoming story content, which will also bring changes and improvements to the current content. Getting this functionality in the game is one our biggest development milestones and we're very close to completing it.

17 Dec,
[...] A lot of recent work has gone into functionality supporting both the arenas and the story content, but arenas is something we can release earlier. Right now we're in fact focusing on getting the arenas completed.

19 Dec,


No, it will be an intermediate one with an outdoors arena, many new wearable items and a bunch of improvements. Story update will be after that, hopefully not long after.

The outdoors arena will be as a little test ground for the new terrain system which was required for further story updates(dialogue and thaumaturgy is also required)


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