Any news when the next update will drop?


I saw a discussion of a Beta release and twitch stream on reddit. Did anyone see the stream and have the ability to provide a summary?


Hello everyone ^^

Its from steam forum:

Bare Mettle [developer] 3 hours ago

To clarify, combat became far too much of a focus in terms of development, since the moment the first playable builds were released. Clearly the combat is what appeals most to many people, and what the community has been most vocal about, but the constant improvements to combat and animation put everything else on hold for far too long. It was never our intent to make an entirely combat focused game, but an immersive RPG with many other qualities. Right now we're focusing on getting other parts of the game up to speed, without these other features we were completely unable to further the story and release more content.

In order to continue the game's story and release the remaining levels we need dialogue, more complex NPC behaviours and thaumaturgy. This is now basically complete and we can look at actually finishing the game. Certainly while implementing these features, particularly the AI and behaviour stuff, the future applications in SG were a strong focus, which is largely the reason why the update has been taking this long.

Besides this, I think you'll find the general improvements to both existing and upcoming content are quite substantial.

Combat and related elements is something that will continue to be worked on, and we have some very interesting plans for these features. In general, even once Exanima reaches a point where it can be considered complete, it will continue to receive improvements and benefit from the work being done for SG.


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