Arena AI cooperation?



Epic friendly ass attack

Is there any way to set AI behavior? More defencive, balanced, agressive?
The undead behave differently from human, which is immersive. They seem to have the agressive mod always ON.

AI right now, while being good at immitating human behavior is not very cooperative. This drops the value of 2v2 and 3v3 to close to 0 in many aspects(not all of course)


It would be nice to change it in game with some comands like mount and blade, I think it would be useful for Sui Generis and the campaign of Exanima, but maybe is way too much complicated and just talking to the npc would be enough.
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I think it is ok. I wouldnt mind ofc if you have more options to set them, but you are the super star in the arena. You should prevent disasters by positionate/attack correctly for your ai companions to be useful.

So far i didnt have major problems. It happened once that fighting the ogre*, a companion landed me an overhead and knocked me. Pretty funny.
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I'd like some Abe Escape style communication.



Follow me......Okay....


And then you know they all jump into the portal so they get rekt by sir in level 3.


I actually love the doubles and skirmish matches, where I focus on teamwork. I'll usually flank around back and just use overheads and thrust.
I've noticed hirelings actually check thier swing to avoid hitting me in the back. I also think some hirelings are better at combat than others, so don't be afraid to sack a lame fighter.


Started to write a continuation but, for several poor reasons started a new thread =)

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