Backer Accounts and Tier Upgrades


Every backer has an account on our website which you can log in to using the 'Account' link at the bottom of any page ( From here you can view/manage your reward tier and access any available downloads (e.g. dev videos or game releases).

Your username should be your payment email address (unless you have requested a change), if you don't know your password or never received one (they are sent out automatically to new backers but some of the earlier ones may have been missed) then please use the 'Forgot your password?' option on the login page to reset it (which should email you a new password).

Once you're logged in 'Available Balance' should be displayed at the top, this is any unallocated donations you have which can be used to upgrade your reward tier or select add-ons using the options under 'Manage Rewards'. To increase your available balance please use the PayPal link under 'Increase Contribution', any donations received from the same email address should be credited automatically. If you make any payments from an alternative PayPal email address then please contact us afterwards (from either the payment email address or a forum account linked to it) to confirm which account (i.e. email address) you would like credited.

If you have any questions or problems, or would like your backer email address updated (by default it's the same as the payment email address), then please send an email to or PM @Brendan and we will get back to you ASAP.

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Good to know so that people are ready and able to get to their downloads. I didn't even know about my account page until this post. Thanks guys.


The account section of the website is a very useful place to get an overview at all the details and purchases tied to the account. It's very well presented, if a little simple, and contains every basic feature that could be needed.

Nice to see an announcement post is being made preemptively to ensure that once the Alpha build goes up tomorrow people are accustomed to navigating their account page and any account issues can be dealt with today.


Well I'm glad this information has its own post, because I wanted to know what if someone wants two accesses to the game and has only one account and one email? That person would have to make a second account and a different email?
Mainly because if a friend wants to play along with me i can have it setup and ready so we could play together. I don't know how this would work. Is just that i am planning in the future to get another copy with beta access so my friends can come by and play with me. We can't both be in the same computer.


Every backer has an account on our website which you can log in to using the 'Account' link at the bottom of any page (
Hmm, account page says 'This is a temporary login for backers with the £30 or £60+ reward tiers to download our development videos', so I thought that £20 tier backers can't use this feature. And it doesn't work for me.
I've sent a pm to Brendan with details.


Wow, that was fast! The problem with my account was probably that the system thought I was dead, due to my inactivity in the forums :-D
But seriously, thanks a lot for solving the issue so quick!


Your account and your forum name are two different accounts, with two different passwords (unless you set them the same yourself).

I could only access the Account page before, because I hadn't registered yet to the forums.


Hello, New here, I can't log into my account, also tried resetting password and it says account does not exist, i sent a message to the 4th of august, would you mind checking if something is wrong? Thanks in advance.

(Aside: How do I send a PM here?)
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