Can no longer download Dev videos


Recently i formatted my computer, so i decided that i should download the dev videos again. However, when i try to download any of them a window saying "Firefox can't find the server at..." appears. I've tried all the different videos. I'm having a similar problem when using Google chrome, saying it can't find the server. Internet explorer doesn't even let me log-in, saying that the username and password are incorrect (Which they most certainly are not. I can log-in fine on the other two browsers).

When i try to right click on the links, and press "Save link as..." i get an error message stating:

"The download cannot be saved because an unknown error occurred.

Please try again."

So i am kinda confused as to what to do right now. Is there some plugin I'm missing? Is there a server problem with BareMettle? Is there anyone else experiencing the same problem?

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!


Hmm, this is starting to indicate that it's a problem on BM's side. Hopefully we can get the attention of one of the devs soon so they can look into it.


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