Character Personal Differences

Adan Verde

While it seem really interesting how there is the option for opting to play as different characters, a rather not too complicated implementation to add flavor, enrich and diversify the experience would be to add self dialogues to the characters such as:

When the villager discovers the footwear workshop in one of the floors, he makes a remarks " Would have thought this place had better quality of wears "
getting badly injured " I make shoes, not graves for godsake", when you find high quality shoes " At least I find some skill in this depressing fortress "

For the proctor, the remarks would become empirical remarks, such as when crossing the dealing with many Exanimates at once " I came for a reason, not to bring a bad name to the proctors " when finding the undead proctor " Wait, I come in name of Ardent. I came for searching for you.... " After you kill her " I guess both the mystery and the problems seem to pile in this mess" .


I like your idea for the villager dialogue, and indeed different character dialogue is planned. You'll be able to use the cursor to select who and what you're discussing, so for instance in your example you could hover the cursor over some footwear and get several options related to that item, and one of them very well could be a comment on its quailty.

The options available to you depend on what roles your character has, whether thats roles like "Proctor, Cobbler, Human, etc" or "Just fought a undead, Just found a very good helmet" but also what the item or circumstance is.

So characters with different roles, such as the starting character will get different dialogues, but roles will be able to change over the course of the game. This among several things will allow you to customize your character more, say if your responses to Derrin are patronizing you may gain access to different dialogues than if you were very kind to him. Derrin will also gain access to different dialogues and actions, as the system itself is player agnostic.

Long story short, certainly happening but the backend systems are designed for more and still need some work.


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