1. M

    (Question) On character movment

    I've wondered how humans move around in the game. Since the game is physics based, is it just a simple capsule moved with forces or are the feet actually taking into account the weight shift of the body and adding forces in the appropriate direction to counteract the forces and use the floors...
  2. Adan Verde

    New Characters And 3 New Ideas

    “ A fortress is the only thing one can see, and a fortress is where one will find its true purpose if one desires so. Not because of the folly of risking our life but how primitive and menial the tasks we confound ourselves behold when even our lives develop a more menial meaning than our tasks...
  3. Adan Verde

    Character Personal Differences

    While it seem really interesting how there is the option for opting to play as different characters, a rather not too complicated implementation to add flavor, enrich and diversify the experience would be to add self dialogues to the characters such as: When the villager discovers the footwear...


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