New Characters And 3 New Ideas

Adan Verde

“ A fortress is the only thing one can see, and a fortress is where one will find its true purpose if one desires so. Not because of the folly of risking our life but how primitive and menial the tasks we confound ourselves behold when even our lives develop a more menial meaning than our tasks. For they truly in the eyes of a deity do not matter and the glory is for the one who takes its life and makes use of it. It will always be a desire of blood, luck, redemption, salvation, for what is just, for what is needed, for what one appreciates and most scorns, driven of material, psychological and mental or principle of pursuit. A human holds accountable for what he does, but not what will be made out of his reach, taking that in mind why bother with the not doing and the not appealing when we have endless possibilities for taking what we most desire, that is if Morality and Ethics reside as a simple standard and not an aggravation. For at the end of the true line, only memories and written words one can be remembered and for that one can only be eternal only as a deity or as one whose purpose chose to be fit mesmerizing those which life in the eyes of a court do not hold important value. A task which Thaumaturges inevitably have to face all their existence, in glory and agony. “

- Principle of Aim, Serion the Conserver Scholar.

The Merchant: " Trading fine crafts is a passion you hold close to your heart, never dealing too deep into a market in which many were sold off. Very interested in those who weld magic, you decided to embark searching for treasures which resembled anything of value such as artifacts and relics. Following the rumors, very valuable objects which functions were far from you comprehension were taken from you, only for a small pendant which accompanied you as you fell into an unknown place "

The merchant possess fine clothing with no weapon to complement, on one of his pockets a pendant which seems to function more as a way to get robbed than to embellish his presence, which shined with a strange glow. The things robbed from him strangely, felt they were not too far from his way.

The Outcast: " Never showing any real talent in any aspect of trade, you were banished from the town of Benston where disappearances prelude your departure, deciding to peregrinate in search for a purpose. Stepping of the wrong foot, people of questionable demands threw you into a dark stoned parade...."

You hold no benefit over other people, though a prowess in the deception and creation of illusions with the usage of words, with the passage of the years have become a magnific way to escape misery and confrontations. Though it seems as when you look into the reflection of a water puddle, your eyes seem to have some engraving which does not hinder you vision in your pupils, with a strange language.

The Cursed: " A relatively ordinary origin was bestowed upon you, finding yourself suddenly bewitched by tragedy, strange marks of black ink started to cover your body, having no real illness in your health but detriment with to the court of Proctors. You were taken without a sign and told to follow the path that the marks would tell... "

A series of Marks which do not seem hostile to you and an armor which you cannot take off are unique things you find useful aiding in your trail of exiting the dungeon, these marks strangely become more useful as you progress seemingly acquiring more conscience and power as time progresses. Though, they seem to attract the attention in an aggressive manner of the deceased. The armor ever so often seems to grow more into you body, becoming better versed as your skill progresses in growing with the cursed marks.

The Musician: " The court was once your home, as you represented you guild with beautiful melodies and the occasional trove for those who were victorious in the name of the king of Ardent. Followed by a serious of incidents with the royalty, a bounty was put into your head and at the seemingly end of you life and second chance was bestowed... "

An instrument and a rusted sword were all were left with you, though it seems you were left off with a page of some ancient tome which specifies the usage of magic in instrument which produce sound. Several holes were carved into you instrument in places where it does not seem to affect your play, weirdly a strange aura emanates from these.

(Ideas): A system of innate talent: How well a character can handle a certain aspect of combat or thaumaturgy, be it being a prodigy in the usage of shield being able to learn more than 5 skills or wearing armor as a second layer of skin and the agility or dexterity to be able to become very hard to fall. Using a sword like a limb, having an innate way to trade with people or being born with steel knuckles or a skin of iron.

Negotiations with the merchant in the arena: You can gain the trust and favor of the merchant of your choosing if you decide to either give him gifts of high value such as the robes of highly priced colors and jewelry which will become a rare thing appearing with the main trader in the arena as you do some favor for him too, do tricks and things to please him as he spectates in battle, and gain more reputation and status as you offer him more riches, giving you access to relics and even strange armor and weapons.

Deity Favoring: Choosing a patron and even having said patron gift you with knowledge or abilities unknown to the commoner. Said Patron will require specifics and be quite demanding and times, even becoming unpredictable as a deity can posses humane characteristics. Becoming more notably, wearing things with the sign of the deity and in some occasion bestowing magic to random objects, and even expanding the potential of recruits as he gives him the long forgotten knowledge of the human body which only those who lived centuries posses.


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