(Question) On character movment

I've wondered how humans move around in the game. Since the game is physics based, is it just a simple capsule moved with forces or are the feet actually taking into account the weight shift of the body and adding forces in the appropriate direction to counteract the forces and use the floors friction to move?


I'm not a game dev but based on how the character reacts in game I would assume the second. You can trip and fall over in very natural ways in game that make me think it's force and physics based


In my opinion, I think the normal moving keeps your character on a fixed elevation via an invisible force, and when your character's balance becomes too uneven, the invisible force lets go. At that point it feels truly physics-based. I think the only part that doesn't rely 100% on muscles and physics is the character's legs. Even then, Bare Mettle doesn't cop out with cheaply programmed inverse kinematics. I think there is an advanced muscle system that determines how the legs behave, along with every other limb.


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