Coffee Diary 14/2/22


Hey Exanimates,

We just updated the beta branch with swing height limits, greatsword improvements, the new thaumaturgy controls, some other gameplay and QoL tweaks and controller support. While working on controller support we discovered a number of input system quirks and made various general improvements. We're still tweaking a couple of things, but this should be on the main branch soon too.

Controller support still needs a couple of additions and tweaks, particularly for UI navigation, but was already well received. It makes for a very different, but surprisingly fun gameplay experience.

The Steam Deck release is imminent and there's a handful of specific things we still want to do for it, but we're mostly done there too. Our next priority is dyes and weapon flipping, the latter comes with a bunch of updates to how weapons are described in game which is the first step towards more functionality and various improvements to mechanics.

Have a great week!
-the BM team
Great to hear you are working on optimizing the experience for the Steam Deck! Will be very interesting to learn how to play Exanima on the Deck in a just a few weeks :)


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