Coffee Diary 22/2/21


Hey Exanimates,

Before we even start with the week, we want to tell you that the renderer update should be going live on the beta branch later today. It's in the beta branch because it's basically the first part of a larger update, but this part is mostly ready and we know some of you are hungry for updates. Some things have been cut for now, and we're going to want to do lots of tweaking things for the new renderer and itemisation systems, so you can expect various patches over the coming days.

During this week we've mostly been updating more assets for the new renderer. We generally have a choice between doing something quick and dirty recycling existing assets, or a proper remaster for the new renderer and material system, which looks much better. Eventually we want to update everything properly, so we've mostly been thorough. The main exception is weapons which will soon be replaced anyway.

We re-implemented our electricity effects for the new renderer. There wasn't really anything to improve visually, but this ended up becoming a whole framework for effects that require special behaviour and rendering, which will be very useful.

We also added the first small bit of interaction with items by allowing you to clean dirty items with a brush, which will be extended with further mechanics. It's the simplest item interaction, but still an important first step because it introduces modifying items in game and using items on other items for the first time.

We got through a lot of other little refinements and fixes now that the pressure to complete the big stuff is off, so we can look at some of less urgent, but still important things. We'll be doing more of this now and keeping the beta branch up-to-date.

So, barring any natural disasters and the like, we'll catch you later with some proper release notes. These for now will be posted in the forums rather than the news section, so be sure to check them out.

Have a beautifully rendered week!
-the BM team


Ok, I've been testing the beta branch, and I have to say, you guys did something special here. The new materials look timeless, and will age significantly better than the old ones. Just something about the way they look inspires nostalgia, or at least for me it does. This is a seriously good direction for you guys to take, can't wait for the next build to come out. Cheers


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