Coffee Diary 24/5/21


Hey Exanimates,

Madoc had to deal with a family emergency so we're not quite where we hoped to be for the week, we're still trying to get things ready for a beta patch any day now.

All the new UI systems are completed, and we've ported all our existing UIs for the game and development tools, HUD elements, menus, overlays etc. over to the new system. This is ready to go, and the core in game UI is using the new skin / look.

We're still making all sorts of procedural weapons and improving the system as we go. We've got falchions and messers ready, which was probably the most complex weapon type and contains a huge amount of unique assets, there's enough there to generate millions of combinations, and that's before all the shape, material and other randomisation. We've done our core polearm components, which completes the assemblies for all major weapon types. There's other improvements to procedural weapons, new deforms, more effects of shape on weapon attributes and more accurate models for how the parts of a weapon deliver damage and specific damage capabilities added by individual components of weapons.

We've also put the final touches on outdoor lighting and weather, and we'll be reintroducing outdoor arenas in this patch. We want to update some of the assets, but they'll do for now.

Besides the new user interface and procedural weapon updates there's a few gameplay tweaks and bug fixes in this patch. In particular we've been looking at some feedback about some attacks not performing or flowing as well as they could.

We've mostly got to decide which weapons are complete enough to go in a release and put it all together for a beta patch. There's a few more things in the works, but we can add it and more weapons in another patch shortly after.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


I almost forgot procedural weapons were one of the reasons I originally bought the game. Thanks for making good on more of your claims, which sadly doesn't happen much for some games.


I agree, certain weapons in the Beta do need a bit of animation retooling. Both types of axes feel very clumsy compared to the fluidity of other weapons. The flail works great, except for the abysmal downward attack, Etcetera. The procedural weapon system is very exiting to hear about, can't wait to see what kind of crazy doohickies the engine can come up with. HUD changes are awesome to hear about, I always felt like the art style of the game demanded something slightly fancier, but still simple.

Not sure if this belongs here, but I do have a suggestion: Shields are the only thing in the game that feels like it breaks the rules. If the shaft of a weapon (such as a halberd) touches the shield, all damage is blocked, even if the head of the weapon SLAMS into the persons head. I'm sure there are perfectly good reasons for this, I just get slightly frustrated when I think I've landed a good hit to no avail. Honestly, the combat system feels great, so this is really a nitpick.


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