Coffee Diary 25/1/21


Hey Exanimates,

We've just about got a build ready to hand over to testers. All the content has been properly updated for a release build, we've updated all items to the new system, we've tested the new self-patching systems and have done some general internal playtesting.

We had put a mostly complete build together a few days ago, but when we started testing we were getting various strange errors. After some days trying to find the source of the errors and failing, we finally realised they were caused by a new library we recently started using. We rolled back to what we were doing previously, did some very thorough debugging and everything seems just fine, so that's the end of that after some unwelcome wasted time.

We estimate a couple of days to get a build out to testers. We are still gradually updating some assets to better take advantage of the new rendering features, but we don't need to do it now. Assuming testing goes smoothly, we should have a new release ready for everyone in no time.

Have a great week!
-the BM team
Offtop, but...
Any chance for some injury system? Like limp / slow down when injured in the legs or reduce impact when injured in the arms.
Or may be some dismemberment? Can your engine handle this?
There is no doubt that damage system needs some rework, although these mechanics are not hard to implement, even dismemberment. But Baremetlle, as i know for now, are working out the most crusial game mechanics that will be used everywhere like procedural itemisation. We just need to give them more time and wait patiently to see the most original RPG game of 21st century <3


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