Coffee Diary 5/12/22


Hey Exanimates,

After a not insignificant series of technical challenges, we actually have AI making use of the new pathfinding. It's also very, very fast, hugely exceeding our performance expectations and we made some extra upgrades along the way. There are still some refinements to make and some player quality of life improvements we want to add, but it works, it's solid and that's a huge relief. We had some pretty ambitious goals for it and knowing that this major overhaul was eventually due had been nagging at Madoc for quite some time.

As we're transitioning to the new pathfinding we're quickly realising just how much of an advantage this gives us. Not only does it support depth and layers in the environment, creating dynamic paths that even AI can understand and all sorts, but it completely removes frequent technical issues and limitations in level design. These were causing problems despite our efforts, getting rid of them really streamlines important aspects of content creation and removes so many hassles.

Our goal for now is getting a new test version out, before the full update. There's a few things to wrap up and test after changing various major game systems, but we can be pretty flexible with this and iterate rapidly, fixing and improving things based on feedback, and perhaps introducing more new features as they're ready. This is also the time when we try to catch up with some older bug reports.

We're in pretty high spirits as we've overcome all the big technical hurdles and unknowns for the update and we can focus on the fun stuff. We'd like to squeeze a few more things into this update, and there's more force powers to add, but at this point nothing should be particularly challenging or time consuming.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


Such good news, congrats on those longterm constructive improvements. It's impressive, inspiring and very exciting for these games longevity! I'm so happy that you work in terms of such a seemingly smart, ambitions and effective approach!


Great to hear, that the new pathfinding is working out! I've been thoroughly enjoying the game.
Can't wait for this update! I cheer you on, from the sidelines.


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