Computer Specs


No, unfortunately it could be a real sticking point, according to the devs.

They've pretty much confirmed two things, which are relevant to Sui Generis more than other games:
(1) Get Nvidia, not AMD/ATI.
(2) Maximise fillrate.

Apparently, most other games really don't care about fillrate, but Sui Generis really does. Of course, that depends on whether you want low or high graphics settings...

If I was looking for a graphics card for a single-monitor setup right now, I'd probably be looking at a Geforce GTX 660 Ti. I'd look one model up or down depending on how much cash you've got.

Damn, if fillrate is important then this doesn't look very good does it?
That's a standard laptop GPU, so you can't really expect anything from it. Laptops and desktops are not in the same league, I'm afraid. The devs have said that Sui Generis will run, in it's basic form, on a standard laptop. But I wouldn't expect to be able to enable any nice graphical features such as anti-aliasing.

Saying that, there haven't been any benchmarks yet...


This is a £700 (($1098 from exchange rates)

None of the builds include an OS.
Sounds like the grounds of a nice build! If you can stretch to it, I'd swap out the PSU for a "gold rated" one, upgrade the GPU to a 660 Ti and add an SSD:

That brings your total to £801.25 (or $1259), which is more than you wanted to pay, but it's worth having the option!!!


Remember the build I posted doesn't include daily deals or anything, plus I don't know your exchange rate so it could vary in price, also availability.


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