Damage Effects

Went through the dev quotes and haven't spotted it yet. Could be a spotting mistake on my part in case someone else has already suggested this:

Smacking someone in the head with the staff or other blunt weapon is so damn satisfying. Considered adding some sort of beyond-visual effects for hits like this? For example the NPC or player becomes disoriented for a few seconds. E.g. blurred vision and slow reaction for a bit forcing you to back off and gain a sense of direction. Effect could be coupled with ringing if you're wearing a helmet.

Same could apply to other parts such as limping if you wreck someone's legs or inability to use a hand if it gets hurt. Player/NPC may have to switch hands or stop dual wielding in those cases.


There's a bit of reaction to hard hits in game, like the character loses a bit of balance and small things like that.


When enemies are hitted on the head they lost a lot of balancing for a while. You can take advantage of that cause he/she can't parry properly.
I wish that developers add different animations when the character is near to dead, maybe slower movement and weaker swing. It adds realism in my opinion. I can't say if that is already planned or not


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