hm, trader stole my pants o_O
i traded belt for belt (directly from my character doll), got a new belt, my old belt stayed on character, but my pants just disappeared, they are not on my character nor in shop inventory...


The combat animations feel smoother and more responsive, I especially like the hit reactions now. I see enemies crumble to the floor from a heavy hit a lot more often which is satisfying. Stab attacks with 2handed weapons still don't feel reliable, but I guess that's just the nature of the weapon.


I told myself I was taking a break until ranged weapons or thaumaturgy were added, but man! Thrusts are so fun! First thing, went to practice in the arena, stabbed the dude in the face and it was over. Glorious. Definitely feels more responsive.

Update: Attempts to access the full Arena or start a game in Examina result in an "Unknown application error" I'm guessing that's a result of using an ancient laptop with an Intel graphics card again. I'll make a post in the bugs section but realistically I just need a computer younger than 4 years.
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I'm finding the story mode much easier now. Thrusts with sword and even machete are good versus zombies and I've noticed they fight each other now too. I haven't played story in a while because I always died on the first level, usually in a 2v1. I played a lot of arena so I guess my combat skills improved too, but I started the story again in 6.2 and I was able to get to the 4th stage first playthrough.


The update's contents are flawless (combat seems to be even more fluid and intuitive), but unfortunately - it's also the first update after which I've started experiencing two new issues:
  • Significant loss in framerate - before the update, FPS' drops were really rare and almost unnoticeable. Now, it not only happens far more often, but is much more intense, being really bothersome,
  • Game closing itself for no reason - it happened with my newly created story mode character (did it right after the update to try out some new stuff it brought). I was playing through the first level, when suddenly - for the first time ever - the game simply closed by itself without any error message or anything. No data of said character was present after starting the game again (partially because I didn't quit the game after creating the character).


Oh and also, just out of curiosity: when we'll be able to not only be stunned but also stun our enemies ourselves, how will it be possible to determine whether the enemy is dead or just unconscious?


The only frame drops I noticed was when opening the inventory that was full of lots and lots of items. Seems it takes a split second to load all of it, which causes a fps drop.


Any ideas when dual wielding will be implemented?
It was shown back in the Kickstarter video years ago, but it's gone missing since they migrated to the new character models if I remember right. The devs haven't said much about it, but last I heard it was still planned but just not a priority. Hopefully we get dual wielding and thaumaturgy by the end of the year.

Based on the official post on the Steam forums it looks like it should be implemented before the game leaves early access:


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