I know and I'm okay with this. Its just jarring to see a neat patch of sand in the center with stone tiles showing at the edges. IRL after the first few matches the sand would spread covering uniformly the floor of the arena unless somebody takes time and sweeps it between matches.


On the topic of sand, and moving sand around - does anybody know whether we will be getting simple particle effects when characters are scuffing their feet in sand? Maybe even simple footprints? Not essential by any means, but would add a lot visually.


Update looks great.

I want to preface some questions by saying that my interest in this game has always been rooted in the perceived desire of the devs to create "unnecessary detail", as I call it. I think the biggest problem with AAA developers nowadays is ignoring the small, and, to many degrees, unnecessary detail. The benefit of all this detail, though, is it creates a more immersive world, and makes all the BIGGER stuff more interesting, believable. Proper atmosphere and aura to a game is very underrated.

So. a few questions:

1) blood in environments is still a goal? (puddles, drips, drops, etc. adhering to the ground (with different effects be it stone or sand)
2) footprints in sand going to be a thing?
3) and, a follow up to the first two, can sand inadvertently be kicked to cover up the blood, maybe even partially covering it up, depending on how much it gets kicked?


Can't wait for new updates, you guys make great level design on the story maps reminds me of Gothic 1 and Dark Souls keep up the good work.


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