Exanima gaining traction!

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This reivew saddens me a bit. The bits of gameplay recorded by the reviewer were quite painful to watch; not only did he have no idea how to fight but, also, he attribtued his poor performance to the game instead of to his own incompetence. He kept saying that combat felt random, which is obviously not true, and that the game needs tons of polish before it can be enjoyable. I think what the game needs is a disclaimer: "how retarded your character looks largerly depends on you".


The article is not bad but the gameplay is indeed very unfair. He moves the cursor like he is handling a swatter. leaving big openings and even turning his character while combat... He knows that stepping over stuff will make the character trip, or hitting the torch with the door frame will affect his arm, yet he keeps complaining about that like it was a bug and not part of the physics functionality. The fact that he got his leg stuck in a box for a good while didn't helped... that one is a legit complain.

I think he was frustrated playing, he says he is an old gamer that completed souls and stuff. We know that people who are not familiar with typical controls use to find it easier.

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So, another major Spanish site reviewing ExAnima: http://www.meristation.com/video/exanima---gameplay-comentado/2063127

Short summary of what the reviewer said:
+ it has good visuals despite being an isometric RPG. Lighting in particular is very good.
+ physics-based gameplay.
- controls are very difficult to grasp, even after 3h of playing.
- definitely a hardcore game; 2 hits and you are down. Not for everyone.

Compared to the other Spanish review that @Faelivrin posted, it was nice to see that this reviewer understood the necessity of running/avoiding confrontation in the beginning of the campaign, and until better equipment is obtained. Not so nice was the fact that the reviewer didn't figure out that 'the enemies' don't generally become such until you provoke them (so he totally missed the interesting AI). As the previous reviwer, he was also clueless when it comes to fighting.
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Youtuber Skallagrim did a first impressions video of Exanima:

For those of you who don´t know, Skallagrim is known mostly for his videos on historical weapons and fighting and has a userbase of 380.000.

He only played the arena (as combat is his main interest) and did not get very far yet, but aside from minor complaints - like the footwork of the characters - he seemed quite intrigued. I don´t know for sure but chances are that he´ll make another video on Exanima when he dives deeper into it.

Also, Madoc is active in his comment section and admits using some of Skallagrim´s videos as inspiration for the game.


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