Exanima gaining traction!

Just wanted to point out that Skallagrim is the one who introduced Exanima to me. Never heard of Sui Generis or Exanima before his vid. So, thanks to whoever pointed it out to him! Haven't had this much fun with an RPG in awhile! I'll be trying to spread the gospel.


You´re welcome :p
Well, to even the karma, I have a request based on your kickass avatar. I want to hear a song of your choice played on a fiddle while using a clarinet for the bow and sung by a head with neither lips nor tongue, the movements of which are accompanied by jinglebells. Making this a video including orange starbursts is available for extra credit :D

Don Kanaille

... but that´s not a clarinet, that´s a shawm. Which I do happen to play. But mainly the bagpipes, to be honest. However I am somewhat able to accompany myself with jinglebells - I can tie them to my ankle and do a stomping-jingle beat.
However, I have no grip on string instruments, and my singing is pretty horrible even with lips and tongue included, and I rather cut myself than using my precious shawm or my chalumeau for a bow >.<

But if you actually want to hear that kind of music, knock yourself out. :)


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