Has anyone managed to make level 4 map yet? -possible spoilers-


Basically what the title says.
I had a few tries of level 4. Killed a few skellies (theyre op as hell, for a pile of bones to swing a big 2h weapon so hard and fast is -to put it midly- suspicious. Also they would barely weight anything, so each missed swing with a big weapon should pull them a step or 2 in said direction)
And I met the troll a couple times. In totally different stops. Now Im scared to go out from the starting area ;_;

Soo anyone awesome enough to have made the map by now?
The reason nobody has made a map yet is because level 4 is not complete. There are areas that have not yet been added and some things might change.


Hmm I could not find anything @ google. As for the level 4 being not finished, well even somewhat general layout would help, I personally suck at judging distances when im trying to make something of a sort, sooo... u know :p

I hope your right Tony, but in the map topic the last reply I saw was from may :S


Glad you like it, it's meant to be as you describe, a bit less accurate/spoiled ( I'm still a bit mixed about showing or not the keys at all ) than some very precise maps I've seen, while focusing more on fitting with the visual aspect of Exanima.

-Thx Chris
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