I can't believe I missed this Kickstarter


I just stumbled across the Kickstarter page for this game yesterday. I've supported a bunch of other Kickstarter campaigns, some big, some small, but somehow I never heard of this one until now.

After seeing the vids, I'm astounded something this impressive this wasn't plastered over the gaming media and hyped to hell and back. Or maybe it was and I was just asleep that month? I dunno. But somehow I totally missed it. It just seems criminal that something like this only barely managed to meet its funding goal, while other big-name campaigns made millions with nothing but promises and talking heads. The game engine and physics-based combat looks truly amazing.

Anyway I pledged some money through Paypal. Better late than never, I guess. I'm just sorry I wasn't able to do so when it might have made more of a difference in building campaign momentum.


It got a bit of coverage on Forbes and (I think) Destructoid but yeah, you're right, I was amazed that the game barely received any coverage, Total Biscuit did a tweet of it when everyone was bugging him about it but he was focused on Maya at the time I think.

I imagine when we're allowed to get our filthy mitts on the game it might receive a bit more coverage though.

Fun Fact: I waited until the last minute to pledge just so I could say I was the one that put it over the goal and into funded. (Though there were a few pledges going through at the same time as me so I might not have gotten that honour, definitely was withing a couple hundred of it though :p)


I found about Maia in time to fund it's Kickstarter, although only by randomly encountering a post on Slashdot by its creator. That game also looks promising, and it's another one that didn't get as much funding as it deserved. But the vids for Maia didn't make my jaw drop like Sui Generis did.


Its probably because people can hardly believe it is real. In fact im still quite uncertain. The project seems a bit ambitious for just 5 developers. Sure they had the tech demo to show off the engine, but what they had in mind how the story plays out just seems bit ambitious. What they plan on doing involves almost Dwarf Fortress level NPCs and that could be very performance taxing to be running on top of the physics engine.

Anyway i do still believe they will come up with atleast something if we just give them enough time to do so. From what i hear Kickstarter fundings can be pretty stressful for the ones being funded.


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