Is there any lvl 5 checkpoint?


The portal will be the last checkpoint. For the rest of the 10 levels (14 total) No others even if 'enable checkpoints' is checked.


Uh yeah, in case you don't know you can make as many characters as you like, all saved separately and can be reviewed and selected in continue screen.
I know, but I have no idea how to fight that things.... and I can be bother to run that lvl 4 all over again evey time I get ass rape on lvl 5, sir is still problem for me, sometimes I can kill him sometimes he pusch me around.


There is something you can get on level 5 that obliterates Sir. ;d And you do not have to fight the guardians at all, you can gain safe passage and explore the level(there is only one place where you can't go without activating them).

And you can of course go directly to new level without doing level 4, they come back with nice gear and clear it ;d
So I can avoid fight with them? I had like 10 min fight with one of them in some good spot but my sword is just bad against them :/ but that tips alown give me hope.


The portal is the last checkpoint for the rest of the game ? That can`t be true, because that would be ridiculous o_O
I don't see how...Level 4 and past we have full plate armor so it's waaay less probable to lose your character to permadeath.
ah sarcasm i see :p I was pretty far in Level 5 now, the atmosphere is really great, had 2 symbols and a yellow crystal then i dropped an empty health potion into a cabinet and the game crashed ;) --> progress gone hehe
Killed 2 golems coz no tokens, felt amazing. Tho I used more my brain than skills---->If they are big fight them in small room ^^
sadly I cleared almost everything;(
that`s cool, i always panic when i trigger them by mistake, they are very fast and pretty frightening :eek:
btw exploring is so much fun in this game, also love the lore pieces you find, really looking forward to the finished game
I just lost my progres due some bug, tho I believe I checked every room and chest on the lvl. Still not sure wath was behind that electrick wall but on other hand I think I was on other side, not sure tho :/


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