Merry Christmas to the team & fans

I just wanted to say merry Christmas all you guys and especially the team that is creating my favourite game this year. Never have I found myself enjoying and anticipating updates like I do this game. Have an amazing holiday guys, mine is cold n dusty... Hamatan...


Merry Christmas to everyone here!

I sure wish I was back in a country where they celebrate Christmas. :D

In any case: I hope you all have a great time with family and friends; make it a great holiday!
If you happen to hate seeing people: Experience the joy of Christmas/New Year gaming. It's quite something.
Merry X-mas! Thanx to all of you to be here and to make this discussions, giving each other smart advices, sharing interesting links/videos/pictures, the whole f**king awesome forum! Thank you guys! Good luck to all of you!


Merry Christmas to all the lovely folks here in this forums! :)
And to the devs who brought us all together, and a happy new year 2016, may it be full of good wonders and excitement. :)


Merry Christmas to all, i'll have a swim for this lovely summer Christmas here in Toulouse. And to the devs, hope you're resting and enjoying a bit, but not too much huh, can't wait the next update...


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