New Game+


What if there was a "New Game +" function beyond just the "Global XP".

You have found a cool weapon that you'd like to use, but it is simply too useless against the armored opponents
Which you face at this point in the game, Now you drag the weapon around even though you are never gonna use it.

Now picture this:
Items like you had in your inventory as you completed the game, would be added to your "Armory" of items which could later be selected in the item window with clothes and shoes when using the "Character Creator".
Possibly when choosing the "Unknown Class".

Yes this could potentially be a unbalanced game mechanic,
but on the other hand, isn't that the point in "New Game +"

Maybe limit it to only armor, clothes a weapons?
Maybe limit how much you can bring?

What do you guys think? Any ideas that could possibly expand upon this?

(memo to self: I use brackets too much)
Isn't New Game+ typically start with tougher and better enemies from the beginning? And we already get some powerful starting classes with the Proctor and Knight.


Proctor and knight will be locked soon until you unlock them by going through the story. I'd say wait for all the content to be completed before even thinking about new game+ mode. There are only 5 out of 14 levels now.

I do not think there will be a need for new game+ mode when the game is done though. Or that it will work very well. At least not a full fledged thing.


It was mostly to get a use out of weapons like the Bill or the Spear, which in my opinion is found too late in the game, because at the point you do find them you have already found other weapons or met armored enemies which make these weapons obsolete.


The Knight starts with a mace. I'd like to have the spear (for example) from the beginning since I dont see much use for it later on.
Maybe this could just be solved with a variety of classes to choose from. Or have one class with some balanced flexibility where you can somewhat change the set up of your character.


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