New mode for the arena campaign


With the new terrain system I was thinking how cool would be to see some lava in a cave, and then It came to mind a new "sub" mode for the arena, called fight to the death, and you fighting in a iron bridge up of a river of lava (this can vary, with another dangerous place where you can get damge from the terrain) in 1 vs 1, or various enemies vs you or free for all, or wathever situation you think is good, and you cant give up, you win or you die, obviously you win a good amount of money.
Sorry fo my english and too many "or"


I am in favour of dangerous/deadly arenas. Traps, ledges, pits, bridges of doom, heck even the really cliched pendulum balls or blades would be amazing with the physics in this game. Perhaps not instant death on all traps, but quick/vast damage (reminds me of Die By The Sword's lava pit arena!)

+1 from me.
Instant death to lava pits or pendulum death traps sound a bit extreme to me lol. I wouldn't mind if there were spikes on the walls of some arenas that can damage someone who slams into them hard enough.

I'd love it if those spikey barricade things in campaign could do some damage or there were other environmental hazards besides tripping and putting buckets on zombies heads


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