Nice write-up on idiotbox.

Don Kanaille

I just wonder why he had problems with the camera. I can turn my camera any angle I want by holding Mouse 3, including high and low.

The only thing I miss sometimes is the ability to zoom in a bite more, like when I´m looking through a shelf.

tiny lampe

Ah, the pleasure of seeing how your favourite game is gaining supporters.

There is a major inaccuracy in the second line:

"Exanima. Set as a prelude to, and with all the features of, Sui Generis,"

But, still, it is clear that the reviewer really liked the game. And not because of the 'oh pretty graphics' that anybody can appreciate, but because of the physics-based combat and interactive environment. This shows that he actually played the game and judged it for what it is trying to bring on the table.

I also liked it when he said that learning how to fight and getting better was an enjoyable, satisfying experience. That's a testament that the game's learning curve, as steep as it may be, has achieved its purpose.


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