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Ok so we know the game is going to have quests in it which implies that it will have certain items specific to that quest, we also know that quests will be non-linear so those items could go to different people depending on how you want to influence events.

What I'd like to know is will these items be usable by the player and possibly instead of giving it to one party or the other if the player can damn them all and keep it for themselves, I've seen only a couple of games do this in the past but none of them really make it a big deal, you take the item, so what, the NPC will sit there and wait for you to get bored of it and you can go collect your reward whenever you feel like it.

And then of course that only works for certain items that perhaps provide a benefit to the user, I'd like to see you be able to steal an heirloom and make enemies with a rich lord or give someone a worthless trinket in place of a priceless artifact because they haven't actually seen it before.
I doubt that items for quests will have any special "quest item" status, meaning you probably will be able to do whatever you want with it. There will definitely be consiquences if you do such things. The quests and the world are supposed to be incredibly dynamic. ;D


What Zaratan said. Considering BM's take on dynamic world, questing and events and such, you probably can do whatever you want with it. Say you're supposed to deliver a crown to a lord to prove his reign (much like that quest in Skyrim). You probably can deliver the crown to some other lord, sell it, keep it for yourself, or just throw it away if you feel like doing any of that instead. What you do however, will have consequences.

If i see an item in the game labeled "Quest item", and you cant do what you want with it, i will be severely surprised. I think it kinda goes against a lot of what BM previously have said to be honest, but i don't think that's anything to worry about. I have every fate that BM will make this an excellent game.


i also hope we can do whatever we want with quest items, deliver it to the bad guy / the good guy, sell it or keep it yourself. but as zaratan said they probably wont be given a status as a "quest items", you probably can go and retrieve that item if you know the location or happen to stumble over it.
i like the idea of trying to trick people:
The King: I see you have returned unharmed, did you get the Ring of luck from that witch?
You: Yes my lord (Gives a plain gold ring to the king)
The King: This ring doesnt match the descriptions of the Ring of luck from the old books.
You: It was the only ring i found after i killed the witch, maybe the old descriptions are over glorified.
The king: Possibly so yes, anyway you did a good job, that witch wont bother us anymore. here is your reward as promised. Goodbye
You: (Given 500 Gold coins) Thank you my lord (leaves, goes back to the witchs house and retrieve the real ring from a box)


Project Lead
Everything said in the above 3 posts is pretty much spot on. There is no such thing as a quest item. The amount of depth we'd like to go into with these kind of mechanics is almost ridiculous but it's one of those things that we know we'll have to build on graudally. We're building all this in such a way that we can continue to expand and improve upon it. We plan to continue improving almost every aspect of the game long after it is released.


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