Greetings to all. I am a new- (and apparently rather late) comer to this world. But boy is my mind blown (along with my head.. And entrails... And torso too.. Many.. Many times.. Too many.. Times).. I can go on about how awesome this game is and how hooked I am but I will not..

I rather have a question.. Having managed to delve deep into Exanima I have met the wonderful hospitality of the "meat-impaired" inhabitants.. A.k.a. The skeletons.. So normally my sword would not be much effective against someone who has nothing to provide for slashing.. Yet I was able to (was not easy.. Not easy at all) bring two (yes.. Not one but TWO!) skeletons.

So is slash damage effective vs skeletons or was the impact damage of my sword that did the trick?

OR in other words, should I use blunt weapons vs skellies?


It's impossible to tell what is the best weapon against them because many of them are already substantially damaged by the Sir, and you can't know which one is at full health. Apart from that every time you land a hit on them they seem to take approximately the same amount of damage a normal zombie would, they might take it differently though. Slash might barely register whereas impact would register twice as much. In my opinion skeletons ought to be weaker than normal enemies since they do not posses the same amount of mass but should have some kind of mystical powers which would make up for it, for example they ought to be able to return a few times after you have defeated them by reassembling. Or crawl towards you once you have lopped off a few bones of them.

Also, the most high damage weapons are pole weapons. As they ought to.


All weapons have weight, more or less of it, thus all weapons have "impact" damage.
A sharp edge will still bite into whatever it contacts. Think of it as cracking an egg with a knife, once cracked it becomes brittle and easy to break. Bone is similar.
Either way, heavy swings will do the job no matter what item you use, so long as it has weight and "impact".

A blunt weapon with Crush damage will always be best though, as some are wearing plate armor.


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