Strong box turning keys into objects

I encountered this bug randomly while playing. I open my strongbox, only to find there is now a desk, some object or gear has replaced one of my keys. I always seem to see the desk first though. I've not lost any key until after I've unlocked all doors, but that may just be coincidence. I believe this happened before to someone else as well.


Got a desk(2nd time)

Most recent incident. 1 key with a diamond shaped top is turned into boots, a key that is tilted to the left is turned to a leather cap, and a key is turned into trap-doors.


Where is the strongbox? I've played 15 runs. Haven't found it.
Do you know the trap area? Before you enter the trap area there's a sign with a skull on it and a room to the right and left of the sign. Take the door to the right of that sign (opposite direction of the healing salve room) and the strongbox is sitting on top of a table in that room.
Strongbox turning some random clothes & armor in random ragged or rusted trash... I've been encountered with this issue too.
It happens almost every time I continue the game or go on the previous floor. Also it shows a message "Cannot load an item" (or so) on every my trying to open it.
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Don Kanaille

The magical strongbox is a known bug, it will likely be taken care of soon :)

Also it *can* be hilarious. I found various pieces of armor in it, and even a few chests which contained even more items inside of them.

Don Kanaille

If he found it inside, the cat was observed, and thus cannot be both; only either.

However, as long as you do not open the box, it is both bugged out and working as intended.
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Yes it is but you have to subtract the years that have gone by from one cat from the years that are yet to be from the other cat and then multiply it by the number of cat lives left by that cat. Basically the dead cat shares it's remaining lives with its twin, but multiplied by 9,oooohhh Yea...


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