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Hello everyone, I decided that it would be nice to create a topic where people can share their tricks, observations, exercises and other things related to the battle. It will be convenient if all the fencing information is collected in one place. Maybe then we'll even do our own Martial arts manual, fechtbuch;)

I think here you can enter as general information intended for beginners, as well as advice from masters. I know there are many very experienced players here, and it would be great if they share their skills.

If a similar topic already exists, then I'm sorry.


Let me start.
I found that the character blocks attacks better when he is slightly turned towards the blow. Therefore, while blocking the strike, do not hold the cursor directly on the opponent, but shift it by 15-20 degrees in the direction of the strike. If opponent attack from the right, turn right. If you are being attacked from the left, turn left. And if the enemy strikes from above on the head, then look directly at him. The pierce is the hardest to block, I don't know how do it yet.

Training this skill is pretty easy. Take the weapon you want, one-handed or two-handed. Dress in armor and go to the arena. Enter any battle you want, but with one opponent. And just stand still, trying to survive as long as possible. Turn to block enemy attacks. This is harder than it sounds, opponents will move around you pretty quickly, so you will have to rotate the camera quite a lot.
When you realize that these small movements are already firmly entrenched in your reflexes, then begin to do the same, but in movement. Do not move too far from the enemy, keep at the most convenient distance. Convenient for the enemy. Do not dodge attacks, but block them. Try to simulate a fight, circle around the opponent, move sideways, but do not go far, be always in the affected area.

In addition, I looked at the Polish fencers, who stand almost sideways to the opponent. And this (And also, I will not hide, the post of some person in the discord who had already come up with this before me. Unfortunately, I don’t remember his name) It led me to think of a diagonal stance. A character with one-handed weapon holds it a little to the side. So why not turn your weapon under attack by turning left? Moreover, this is how the left hand retracts behind the body, and there is less chance that the enemy will hit it. Most attacks take place on the left side, so such a stance should provide the best “passive” defense. You just need to always stand a little sideways to the enemy, turning 30-45 degrees to the left. So it becomes harder to attack, from left to right, but from right to left
such a position is even better; you can strike faster with a shorter swing. This is unusual, but I think there is something in this rack. What do you think?


Hello, i want to share one of my own findings too.

Basically if you swing Arena Pole Hammer from left to right it not only gains more speed then from right to left swing but also has more chance to hit the Head. I'm guessing that it works with any Pole Weapon. I had one-tapped lotta people like that in the arena (most of them were Experts). Thus i knew Pole Weapons would it be a simple Bill or Bardiche are ultimate.

Not needed at all. But make sure to drag your mouse along your swing too to gain additional weapon-velocity.
It's important to pay attention to how you hold two-handed weapons.

The Arena Pole Hammer is held with the left hand on top, therefore swinging from left to right is much more effective.
The Two-Handed Battle Axe is held with the right hand on top, this makes swinging from right to left more effective.

You can use the Feint skill to set up attacks on your weak side, then swing. This will spare yourself an awkward movement that takes all the momentum out of your attack.


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